• Fresh Trees from Canada
    Our tree lot has the freshest New Brunswick
    Balsam fir around! We've been using the same
    family-run farm for years because their
    trees are the best and they are the kindest
    people. We even take a field trip up north
    to harvest the trees ourselves.

  • 100% Volunteer Run
    Our tree lot is staffed with volunteers
    from Andover Youth Services, the high
    school, Andover middle schools, and
    other community members. You can be
    assured that our knowlegeable helpers
    will find you the perfect tree! Rather
    than sales going into some person's
    pocket, all proceeds benefit the
    Youth Center and Youth Services programs.
  • Build a Tradition
    In our opinion, nothing smells finer than
    a fresh balsam or fraser fir tree!
    It's a renewable resource, unlike the fake
    ones from far away. Get in the holiday
    spirit with a real tree!
  • At Your Service
    12 foot tree on a 6 foot car, no problem!
    We'll bring it out and tie down for FREE!
    If you need a local delivery, we can work
    that out too.