AYS Youth Development Program Staff

AYS staff are the foundation of the program. Each a little different in their own way but always 100% about the kids. Highly trained and experienced in the field of youth development, AYS staff are specialists at getting everyone involved and engaged.

Director, Bill Fahey

About Bill

Bill Fahey

Bill was brought on board by a grant in 1994 and the Andover Youth Services was born. Immediately, Bill went to work on identifying issues and advocating for the youth of the town. Working out of his truck (for he had no office space yet), he went around the community introducing himself and more importantly, talking with the youth. He would ask them what they thought of the town and the common reply was, ". . . there's nothing to do!" Bill would patiently reply, "finish your sentence." Youth would look at him quizzically and wonder what he meant. He wanted young people to take responsibility for making things happen in their own community. This meant finishing your sentence, getting your ideas out, getting help and guidance, and finding ways to make the dream a reality. Bill was empowering youth and that was a new thing in the community.

Since that time, programs have been implemented, networks have been established, additional staff hired, advocacy for youth created, and most importantly, a sense of trust developed between the youth of Andover and the Youth Services Department.

Bill's vision, determination, passion, and perseverance have been essential to the growth and success of the Andover Youth Services.

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Assistant Director, Glenn Wilson

About Glenn

Glenn Wilson

Glenn was a senior at Andover High when he met Bill Fahey in his English class. In 1994, AYS Director, Bill Fahey, was recently hired to help address a variety issues pertaining to young people in the community. Bill was speaking with classes at AHS and trying to determine what students wanted to happen in their community, and Glenn jumped at the chance to be a part of more outdoor activities. The seed was planted and Glenn became part of the first AYS summer program. Over the next 20 years, Bill and Glenn have created a youth development program like none other! Building relationships between town departments, community groups, and the schools – the team has crafted a network of programs, support systems, and an ever-expanding way of keeping kids engaged in meaningful and fun experiences! AYS has given Glenn a chance to be a part of so many things that were unavailable while he grew up in Andover. One of his favorite things is leading outdoor experiences with young people – from canoeing the Shawsheen and snowboarding. He is grateful to serve the community he grew up in and cannot wait to see the Cormier Youth Center built. In his spare time, Glenn stays outdoors as much as possible paddling, chopping wood, gardening, and traveling. He shares these experiences with his wife, daughter, and dog – Roscoe. You might even meet him if you swing by the AYS office at Pearson St.

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Program Coordinator, Tony Lombardi

About Tony

Tony Lombardi

Tony spent a few years working in Boys and Girls Clubs in his native Providence, RI before moving to Danvers. He always wanted to become more involved in the creative process of youth programming and got his break in 2001 when he began working at the Andover Community Skatepark. His success at managing the activities at the park and building relationships continued as he started developing programs for young people year-round.


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Program Coordinator - Neal Callahan

About Neal

Neal Callahan

Neal was an AHS student when AYS began wrestling and now mentors others as a coach for the Youth and High School wrestling teams. He takes pride in the development of the program and ensures that relationships formed on the team extend beyond the mat and into the community. Neal is constantly amazed by the brilliance, humor, and compassion of all the youth that follow their feet to AYS.

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AYS Outreach Worker, Jackie Stackhouse

About Jackie

Jackie Stackhouse

Jackie is our newest member of the AYS Crew. More to come soon!

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AYS Program Leadership Team

AYS relies on dedicated community members to lead several of our annual youth programs. These individuals transform their passion for sports, theater and art into teaching opportunities for the young people of Andover.

AYS Theatreworks, Amy Wilkins Blanchette

About Amy

Amy Wilkins-Blanchette

Amy is a native of Andover who grew up doing shows with the Merrimack Junior Theater. She was so inspired by everything she learned that she decided to pursue theater as a career. Today, she holds a BFA in Musical Theater and Minor in Dance from Elon University in North Carolina. After spending a year at Walt Disney World, Amy came home to start a family and now resides in Andover with her husband, Michael, and 3 daughters. Amy continues to perform locally and can currently be seen as Fantine in ACT Theater Company's Les Miserables (Oct. 25-27 at the J. Everett Collins Center of Performing Arts). Favorite past roles (locally) include Peggy Sawyer in 42nd Street, Angel in The Best Whorehouse in Texas, and Dorothy in The Wiz. When not performing, you can usually find her working on choreography for ACT Theatre Company or directing/choreographing for AYS TheatreWorks. Amy is thrilled to be joining the AYS team this year as Artistic Director for TheatreWorks and hopes to inspire the Andover youth to dream big!!

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AYS Girls Lacrosse, Kerry Morrison

About Amy

AYS Cross Country Coach, Mark Hathaway

About Mark

Mark Hathaway

Mark has coached AYS Cross Country since it started 4 years ago. He is also a pole vault coach at AHS.

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Boys Lacrosse Coordinator, Joe Lamagna

About Joe

Joe Lamagna/h1>

Information coming!


AYS Track Coordinator, Peter Comeau

About Coach Comeau

Peter Comeau

Boston Globe Coach of the Year Peter Comeau has been the force behind the AYS Track program. He has helped high school athletes for many years as indoor and outdoor track coach at AHS winning multiple state titles and Coach of the Year honors. He inspires high school students to mentor the young track stars of tomorrow in the annual program.

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