• Thanks Phillips Academy!
    Thank you to Phillips Academy, the Trustees,
    and John Palfrey for an amazing donation of
    $500,000 for the Cormier Youth Center. The
    gift will be used to complete the multi-
    purpose room and hopefully inspire others
    to help finish our fundraising effort!
  • Thank you to our volunteers
    Thanks to the crew of AHS students who
    helped unload our first truck of trees
    on Tuesday, November 25. Our lot is
    all volunteer run and all proceeds
    benefit our community!

  • AYS Tree Lot
    Our tree lot is now open! Hours are Mon-Fri
    from 3:00-8:30pm and Sat & Sun from 9am-9pm
    We have the freshest New Brunswick Balsam
    fir ranging from 4' up to 15'! We also
    have fraser and noble fir trees in a
    variety of sizes. Let's not forget
    decorated and undecorated wreaths from
    10" to 72", roping, kissing balls,
    centerpieces, sways, and more! Come
    on down and feel the holiday spirit!
  • 100% Volunteer Run
    Our tree lot is staffed with volunteers
    from Andover Youth Services, the high
    school, Andover middle schools, and
    other community members. You can be
    assured that our knowlegeable helpers
    will find you the perfect tree! Rather
    than sales going into some person's
    pocket, all proceeds benefit the
    Youth Center and Youth Services programs.
  • Youth Center Project
    The youth center is rising more every day!
    Steel is going up, the building is taking
    shape, and we can't wait for more. Please
    visit cormieryouthcenter.org for the latest
    pictures, updates and information on
    the long awaited Cormier Youth Center.